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Bernie Kissel


Bernie has been with MFAB since we opened our doors in 2015 and has consistently pushed to make MFAB's services and products better.  His skills include experience in concrete work, MIG welding, TIG welding, and low voltage electrical work.

Fun Fact: Saint Margaret Mary Class of 1999 Yearbook Award "Prettiest Eyes"


Mike Troxell


Mike keeps the shop running by keeping our internal job systems up to date and making sure the shop has everything it needs to keep work going out the door for our customers.

Fun Fact: Legend has it Mike's strength stored in his beard and if it were cut off he would be no stronger than a wet noodle.

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Alex Schultz


Alex is our lead man for mobile work. He is a versatile fabricator who can hang heavy steel and TIG weld thin material.  He brings a great sense of humor to all job sites.

Fun Fact: Alex is competing for the "best beard in the shop" award with Mike.


Milton Buritica


Milton ran Better Built Metal Fabrication in Apopka, FL, for almost a decade before joining the MFAB team.  Milton contributes in both the office and the shop.  His project management experience helps our team complete projects on budget and on time.

Fun Fact: Milton eats at least 4 pieces of fruit a day.

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Operations Manager

Eli keeps the business side of MFAB running smoothly.  He manages the business's finances, insurance requirements, vendors/customers and often answers the phone.

Fun Fact: Eli is a retired private drone pilot.


Salvador Cardona

Accounts Payable

Salvador (Sal) is our bookkeeping extraordinaire.  He keeps our internal project job costing up to date and tracks our expenses.

Fun Fact: Sal is a professional Soul Caliber player.

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Blake Newberry


Blake recently joined the MFAB team and is finding his place on the team.  He can weld/ fabricate and often helps Alex out in the field.

Fun Fact: His name is pronounced Balake.

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Charles manages the production side of the business.  He meets with clients, reviews blueprints, generates estimates, produces CAD drawings for the shop, and orders materials.

Fun Fact: His truck currently contains 7 shop tape measures.

Our Story

The origins of MFAB begin in 2012-2013 when Charles was living in the Asheville, NC, area.  After attending trade school at AB Tech for Welding Technology, Charles and a friend opened Asheville Metal Works, a fabrication business focused on building metal art and furniture.  The business struggled to get off the ground and  the doors closed less than a year later.

Charles then moved back to Winter Park, his hometown, with the intention of getting a day job and welding on the side in his garage.  Within 6 months, the side work was too much to handle and Charles left his job. As they say, the rest is history... 4 years later and MFAB now has 7 employees, 5000 square feet of workshop space, and serves a wide variety of industries.